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    Scientific Revolution - Heliocentric vs. geocentric

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    I need the following 10 questions answered by August 22st. The questions are in reference to the Scientific Revolution.
    Provide brief but complete answers to the questions below. Use your own words - do not copy text from the textbook or websites. Cite any sources and provide references where needed.

    1. What is the Scientific Method?

    2. What is the heliocentric view of the universe?

    3. What is the geocentric view of the universe?

    4. Which of the above views of the universe is observed to be correct?

    5. Who is attributed as first proposing this observed view of the universe?

    6. Who was successful at promoting this view? How did the Roman Catholic Church respond?

    7. How did new scientific discoveries and changes in thought challenge Christian beliefs during the Scientific Revolution?

    8. What did Rene Descartes mean by, "I think, therefore I am"?

    9. How did Baruch (Benedict) Spinoza's philosophical views differ from Descartes'?

    10. What role did Protestantism play in the Scientific Revolution?

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    1. What is the Scientific Method?

    The Scientific Method is the standard for testing a hypothesis in order to establish an answer to a specific question. The order of the Scientific Method processes is established and defined. These steps provide a logical progression towards the answer being sought. The number of steps in the Scientific Method varies depending upon which source is consulted; however, the basic steps all involve the following processes:
    - Observation - asking a question
    - Hypothesis - developing a possible answer to test the answer to the given question
    - Experimentation - test the hypothesis to determine if it answers the question
    - Conclusion - did the test validate the hypothesis or did it negate it
    If these steps are followed, one can provide measurable results to support an answer.

    2. What is the heliocentric view of the universe?

    The heliocentric view of the universe is that the sun is the center of the universe. Basically, 'helio' in Greek means sun and 'centric' means center. This theory puts forth the idea that the planets revolve around the sun. The Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus was the first one to document this theory in 1543.

    3. What is the geocentric view of the ...

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    Herein are some basic overviews of the philosophy and technology during the Scientific Revolution. Broad areas of thought covering heliocentric and geocentric theories to Descartes explanation of conciousness are addressed in these questions. The varying theological ideas are also explained as to how the church was affected by the Scientific Revolution both from the Catholic and the protestant viewpoint.