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Roles of Women: Prehistory to 1500CE

Can you help me develop a thesis statement, tracing the context of the question across prehistoric times to c. 1500 CE, covering at least three separate eras as they are viewed in at least three world culture areas? (World culture areas include Europe, the Near (also known as Middle) East, India, Africa and East Asia.) I have to consider the following topic in how women's lives, roles, and statuses have varied and changed over various early world history eras and culture areas (covering at least four different periods/areas) in developing this thesis.

Also, alongside the thesis, can you help me develop a structure for developing a body supporting this thesis statement?

Solution Summary

The solution provides a comprehensive picture of the role of women in select societies from North America, Europe, Egypt and the Far east from prehistory to 1500 CE. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic. Advise on how to put together an extensive paper on the matter is also provided together with a suggested paper outline.