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Racism in U.S. immigration policy

Need help in understanding the the practice of sexism, classism, and racialization (racism) in U.S. immigration policy. I will also need an example of such practice, in other to be able to understand immigration policy, terminology, and immigrant myth in the U.S.

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The history of US immigration policy is full of incidences of discriminatory practices that include sexism, classism, and racism. These instances of discriminatory practices in US immigration policy began very early in the country's history, largely due to the fact that this country has had the prevailing attitude that Anglo Americans or Northern European whites are a superior race, and that the primary immigrants that should be allowed to enter this country are of that racial group. In addition, those Northern Europeans of the Protestant religious faith were also given precedence in entering this country, due to the fact that the racist ideology of this country supported the belief that immigrants from these areas would be the most beneficial to the growth of this new ...