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    Progression of American Involvement in World War I

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    American involvement in World War I due to following factors:

    1. Germany started a submarine warfare against Americans when her trade was hindered with Americans during the British naval blockade.

    2. German U boats sank the British passenger liner, Lusitania killing 1, 1198 passengers including 128 Americans on May 7, 1915.

    3. The peace efforts of President Wilson were opposed by Britain and France

    4. On February 3, 1917 Germans sank American cargo ship Housatonic

    5. The Zimmerman telegram greatly severed relations with Germany and United States

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    At the very inception of World War I, America followed a strict policy of neutrality. Americans were not at all interested in entangling themselves in the affairs of Europe. America consisted of various nationalities and it was impossible to support one group of nations against another. As a neutral party to the war, America had trade relations with both Allies as well as central powers. When Great Britain began an all out naval blockade against Germany, it hindered ...

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    This solution describes about the factors which led to American involvement in the World War I.