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Presidential Decisions

What precendents did Abraham Lincoln set with the decisions he made? What do you think - was the decision a good one, or did it have unfortunate unforseen consequences? Please justify.

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Thank you for using BrainMass! You have asked a very important question, and I'd be happy to address your question as best as I can. I cannot; however, provide you with my opinion as experts are prohibited from taking a biased approach to policy and historical decisions. In my answer, I will include how the decisions have impacted the world at that time, and how the world has become today as a result.

It is fashionable now to say that President Abraham Lincoln only did a little to end slavery. An issue that had lasted since the first slave ships arrived in Jamestown in 1619, it took Lincoln's one term to end 245 years of enslavement. The reality is, the buck stops with the president on any given issue. Lincoln pioneered the Emancipation Proclamation, he twisted arms in Congress to pass the 13th Amendment, and he signed the dotted line to make it law for all of the United States.

You have to start from the beginning when Lincoln was a young southern, ...

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The precendents Abraham Lincoln sets the decision he made is analyzed. The unfortunate unforseen consequences are provided.