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Pres. Hayes & Pres.Garfield

Evaluate the administrations of Presidents Hayes, and Garfield in reference to their conceptions of the office and the use of executive power.

What were a few accomplishments of each president?

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First, you'll want to consider the points of similarity. For example, both Hayes and Garfield were Republicans, and they were both veterans of the American Civil War (both serving as General officers).

While they shared a common frame of historical reference and experience, Garfield was a Radical Republican when he began his political career, while Hayes was first a Whig, then a member of the Free Soil Party (which advocated preventing the expansion of slavery into the west) before becoming a Republican. Also, Hayes took office after a bitterly contested election against Samuel Tilden - Democratic Party members referred to Hayes as "Rutherfraud Hayes" and "His Fraudulency". Hayes was ...

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The solution provides guidance in evaluating the administrations of Pres. Hayes and Pres. Garfield, their accomplishments and their use of executive power.