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Prehistoric Society Around the Amazon

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How are scholars able to find out how early people with no written records lived?
What was prehistoric society like around the Amazon?
What ensured European domination in the New World?
How do you think an entire prehistoric group of people could simply disappear, such as the people around the Marajo of the Amazon?

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In most cases, scholars are able to find out how early people with no written records lived, through detailed analysis of the archaeological finds within that area. Archaeological finds will give very detailed information as to the lifestyles, living conditions, and habits of the prehistoric inhabitants of a particular area. By analyzing things such as fossilized skeletal remains with the latest technological instruments, things such as diet and the diseases that were common to indigenous people can be ascertained. This can usually be accomplished by an analysis of any fossilized human tissue that may remain, as well as the mineral content of the bones and teeth that remain. In addition, artifacts such as early weaponry, tools, and crude utensils, are all key indicators as to the conditions under which early people may have ...