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    Powers of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches

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    Discuss the checks and balances the president, Congress, and the judiciary have on the bureaucracy. Which techniques are used most often, and which are most effective and why?

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    Checks and balances

    Through separation of powers the various branches of government can check and balance the powers of the other branches. A few of the various powers of each branch that can control powers the other branches are listed below:

    Legislative Branch:

    1. Power to approve presidential nominations
    2. Power to control the budget
    3. Power to override presidential veto
    4. Power to impeach the president
    5. Power to impeach supreme court justices
    6. Power to initiate an amendment to the constitution
    7. Power to declare war

    Executive Branch

    1. Power to veto legislation
    2. Power to nominate justices to ...

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    This solution discusses the checks and balances of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. The solution includes a brief list of the various powers of each branch of the government.