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Popularity of California Wines

Describe why/how California wines have gained acceptance and popularity in the United States and in some foreign markets.

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Wine in California

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?Europe has one of the world's most lavish growing regions of wine in the world but if you look at the United States, it is California that boasts the most recognition for producing the most wines.
?While wine is made in all fifty U.S. states, up to 90% of American wine is produced in California. According to some experts, California would be the fourth largest producer of wine in the world if it were an independent nation (Wikipedia, 2011)
?It is important to first discuss a little history of California wines because it will help us understand why California wines have transformed to become what it is today.
?The history of California wine began with the 'Spanish mission system' (Calwineries , 2011). Wine and brandy were made not only for ecclesiastical use, but were also traded for other goods. Father Juniper Serra planted the first grapes used for fermentation in the Golden State.
?It was the discovery of gold at Sutter's Mill in 1848 (, 2011) that caused grapevine plantings in California to take a huge leap as winemakers did their best to satisfy tens of thousands of new immigrants to the state.
?By the 1890's an insect called 'phylloxera' (, 2011) had infested California's vineyards and badly damaged ...

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