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    Political Economy

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    1. How has colonialism affected the role of women in developing nations?

    2. Why are literacy rates for women typically much lower than men in the developing world?

    3. How has nationalism affected women in the emerging nations?

    4. Discuss some of the women who have headed governments of some emerging nations. How did they come to power?

    5. What should be done to improve the staus of women in the emerging nations?

    I don't need a great deal of information on these questions just a short one paragraph will do. Thanks.

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    Answers to your questions:

    1. Colonialism changed the traditional role of women. Before colonialism, women in developing countries maintained a more traditional lifestyle. After colonialism, womens personal rights and freedoms increased, raising their standard of life.

    2. Literacy rates are lower because there is less societal emphasis for women to go to school. There is more of a general understanding that the role of the woman is to bear children and to take care of the house while the male goes to work. It could also be that in the developing world, access to schooling is ...