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Political culture of Britain and France

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What are the main social cleavages that interest political scientists? Describe one of the quarrels faced by the Britons or the French. What was the role of that country's history, geography, political institutions, and its culture in relation to the quarrel.

I've got some info on social cleavages: Social cleavage is a division between political parties and Social class, religion, geographic regions,urban/rural areas and interset groups. These are significant because they generally determine party affiliation and how to appeal to each group. Karl Marx believed middle and upper class citizens to be mostly conservetives, while the working class were more progressive, however social class alone does not determine political affiliation. Religion is a better determining factor than social class because people who are affiliated with their specific religion tend to vote along the lines of what their church or other religious institution holds to be important. Rrural areas tend to lean more to the left especially where development is still in progress, compared to modernized cities or urban areas where living conditions are better and education is more readily available. Goegraphy is important because of the differing view points in sections of regions. An example might be Ireland and the struggle between the north and south for political dominance.

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The British was beginning to form a imperial system in Africa at the beginning of the 18th century that would conflict with French expansion into the same area. The British being a small island had accentuated navy build up and had a small army. The French had a large army and a small navy. Both were at a disadvantage in Africa, because of these disparities. Britain sent Livingston and Stanley to colonize Africa. Pierre-Paul-Francois-Camille Savorgnan de Brazza, an Italian count explored the Ogowe river from the coast of Gabon to the interior. Being an officer in the French navy, de Brazza secured many treaties with local chiefs in 1880 which would eventually result in a French protectorate over the area that became the French Congo. De Brazza secured France a part in the race for African territory, once it had begun
The British East Africa Company chartered in ...

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Political culture of Britain and France is emphasized.

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