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    Party Choices

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    This posting discusses voting in the era of electronic mass media, television commercials, etc. It also examines how elections make a difference in terms of who gets what, when, and how in our political system.

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    Since the question started with "In the era of electronic mass media, television commercials, and "image makers" can the voter make a reasonable choice for themselves and for the nation," you might want to cut and paste this answer first to offer a more sequential response.

    Yes, I believe that elections absolutely make a difference regarding who gets what, when and how in the American political system. Once again, I cite the example of 2nd Amendment Rights as an example of election effectiveness. When elections occur in California, the local NRA posts a list of candidates who will likely vote against gun-control legislation in California. By getting members to vote for candidates who agree with similar interests, voters try to shape the political process to favor personal views. However, many people are apathetic about political issues and do not believe that politics affect them; as a result, they do not bother to participate in voting. People who are truly concerned about issues like gun control, abortion, illegal immigration, and other social concerns tend to be on the front lines; they vote for the politicians who best mirror voters' views.

    I also believe that third parties have a major impact in current elections. In the ...

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