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    Drugs, Alcohol, and Crime

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    From the South University Online Library, read the following article:
    Martin, S. E., Maxwell, C. D., White, H. R., & Zhang, Y. (2004). Trends in alcohol use, cocaine use, and crime: 1989-1998. Journal of Drug Issues, 34(2), 333-359.

    How did the authors study the correlation between drugs, alcohol, and crime? What sampling techniques were used to identify subjects for this study?

    What were the authors' findings and conclusions? How did the sampling methods impact the generalizability of the study? How did this article improve your knowledge of drugs, alcohol, and crime?

    Identify two issues with the methodology that might limit the use of this study to direct public policy concerning drugs and crime.

    Note: The journal article describes a model; you are requested to assess the viability and practicality of that model in other contexts.

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    Sampling techniques included using stratified samples wherein the researcher chose to obtain samples from the populations of alcohol and cocaine users exclusively to determine ...

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