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The American South- Internal Colony of the North?

During 1870-1900 the South was referred as an "internal colony" of the North. What does this mean? Is the South still an internal colony? Can you think of other regions in a similar situation throughout our history?

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Internal Colonialism: The North & the South

Internal colonialism, simply put is the persistence of or presence of social and economic inequalities between regions and territories of one society or nation. In a way, internal colonialism refers to the unequal distribution of wealth, access to opportunities and development in that society allowing for or making possible the exploitation of minority or marginalized groups. It is called internal colonialism because it refers to a situation akin to colonialism within a society wherein the colonizer's grip and access to power and opportunities is much more than that of the colonized making development, access to power and wealth as well as life chances unequal. Consider the difference between the British Colonizers and the peoples they have colonized - native peoples of India, Africa, ...

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The solution is a 701-narrative presented as particular tutorial module discussing the topic of the American South being referred to as the North's internal colony from the years 1870 to 1900. the notion of 'internal colony' as defined in this context is applied in a modern context to find particular US regions/states which could be said to be 'internal colonies' of far more economically powerful cities/states. References are listed for further studies on the subject. A word version of the solution is listed for easy printing and download.