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"Monkey Town" by Ronald Kidd (2006)

Book: Monkey Town by Ronald Kidd, 2006, Simon & Schuster Books for young readers.

Based on the book, please help me with these questions:

1. Does the novel do a good job presenting the larger social context of the Scope's Trial?

2. Does Kidd paint a compelling picture of Dayton and the impact of the Scope's Trial? Why or Why not?

3. According to the novel, what was Scope's motivation for agreeing to the trial? What impact did the trial have on Scope's Life?

4. How does Kidd use the character of Frances to show the impact of the Scope's Trial on the town of Dayton? Is the relationship between Frances and her father symbolic of change and resistance to change?

5. Is the complexity of human nature portrayed in the book? If so, is it realistic?

6. Good historical fiction lets the reader read about history in an accurate, yet entertaining way. The use of fictional and non-fictional characters, portrayed accurately, allows the reader to relate to the time period? Why or why not? Does the book bring history alive for the reader?

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