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Colonial America

I need to visit several historic sites from different periods and write a paper along with a presentation. I would like help with the site I intend on visiting for the Colonial period as 1) I don't know much about this period and 2) As a science major I have difficulty researching topics in history.

I would like information on the Mount Clare Museum House is Baltimore ( In particular: How does it fit into the Colonial period and in the colony of Maryland, what's its historic significance, and how does the museum tell the story of the colonial period. Any other relevant information would be appreciated.

Please note that these are my own objectives to gain a broad understanding before I visit the museum. They are not the objectives of the assignment.

I believe 1000 words will suffice. I don't mind if you are not a Colonial period expert as long as you're confident you can research this and provide a complete response.

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The solution discusses the Mount Clare Museum and its historical factors.