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The American Revolution, Jefferson, Congress, and Slavery

Question 1) Three weeks after the American Revolution began in 1775, delegates from all colonies except Georgia met to discuss possible courses of action at the:

1) United States Congress.
2) Confederation Assembly.
3) House of Burgesses.
4) House of Commons.
5) Second Continental Congress.

Question 2) When Thomas Jefferson looked to the future, he hoped that the United States would become a country dominated by

1) independent owners of small farms.
2) wealthy owners of large plantations.
3) independent owners of small shops in cities.
4) wealthy owners of large factories.
5) artisans who worked in urban centers.

Question 3) The application for California statehood caused turmoil in Congress because :

1) it would upset the balance between the slave and free states in the Senate.
2) it would disturb the balance in the House between those who favored slavery and those who opposed it.
3) Democrats would allow no more slave states into the Union.
4) Whigs would allow no more free states into the Union.
5) Republicans were suspected of using the issue to gain the favor of voters.

Question 4) Despite earlier efforts to settle the issue, the slavery question became a major issue in the 1840s and 1850s because the:

1) U.S. Supreme Court had a Northern majority.
2) nation was expanding to the West.
3) presidents of the era were all from the North.
4) evangelists of the Second Awakening raised the issue frequently.
5) existing political parties needed an issue that would unite their members.

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1) Second Continental Congress.

2) Independent ...

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