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British Victories in North America: 1758-1760

Discuss the British victories from 1758 to 1760 which gave victory to Great Britian over the French in North America. What impact did this victory have on the American colonies?

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The British victories over the French in North America from 1758-1760 not only greatly impacted European history but American history as well. The battle for North America was tied to the Seven Year's War (1756-1763). This was a European war between Britain and France and their allies (Austria for France and Prussia for Britain). A main source of contention between the two countries was being the dominant power in North America. Although France and Britain managed to remain at peace in Europe until 1756, they created a virtual state of war in North America. The pivotal point of the war occurred in 1754 when George ...

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This solution examines British Victories in North America from 1758 to 1760