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Native American history in California study guide.

I am working on a short project for history and need to have straight-forward, brief responses to the following questions I will be using. My only source I am using for this part is the attachment I submitted here. My questions are as follows:

1) How did the Hupa people of California encourage tourism?

2) What did California tribes claim was the real reason for the state's opposition to Indian-owned high stakes gambling casinos?

3) Why did California Indians oppose the building of the G-O Road?

4) Why did the Chumash Indians oppose the construction of an LNG facility at Point Conception along the Santa Barbara Channel?

5) How did California institutions respond to the Native American demands for the repatriation of skeletal remains and other objects?


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1) How did the Hupa people of California encourage tourism?
The Hupa tried to encourage tourism without compromising their cultural heritage. They had a motel where guests could stay and learn about Hupa culture at the Hupa museum. Visitors could also go on a rafting trip of the Trinity River. Hupa guides would lead the trip and would stop at ancient village sites and explain about how the Hupa used to live. Visitors were even invited to witness the White Deerskin Dance as long as they ...

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