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    Modern and historical explorers compared.

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    What comparison might you make between an explorer from the past and a modern explorer? Have they faced similar obstacles to their goals? How successful was each in achieving his goals?

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    What comparison might you make between an explorer from the past and a modern explorer?

    Exploration, regardless of the time period, has some constant traits. First of all is the presence of uncertainty. The location has its share of unknown quantities. What is the land like? What are the natives like? How will I survive? What will I find? Will I return? Second is the idea of dedication. Prior to ever embarking on a voyage of discovery or exploration the explorer has invested thousands of hours and hundreds of days preparing for his exploration. He has prepared himself intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Third is the idea of how this might affect one's life for the better. Explorers have undertaken voyages for riches, fame, power, self-fulfillment, or perhaps even out of boredom. However, all explorers have contemplated the impact of their potential discoveries. Finally, explorers typically live an anti-climactic life after their voyage of exploration.

    Consider the voyages of Lewis and Clark compared with the first journey to the moon by Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins. In both cases there was uncertainty involved. For Lewis and Clark they ...

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