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    Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

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    The Declaration of Independence is a cornerstone of American thought regarding freedom and happiness. Thomas Jefferson was heavily influenced by philosophers of the period, and the document is frequently referred to as a blueprint for an effective government. Often quoted from the Preamble is this passage:

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    1. Identify an individual or group of individuals who have continued to pursue liberty and happiness in the twentieth century and beyond.

    2. How have he/she/they impacted the world?

    3. How will their contributions impact future generations?

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    Hello. The solution below should get you started. I looked for an advocacy that is small, following the tradition of the Founding Fathers at a grassroots level. I hope this solution helps. Thank you for using Brainmass. Good luck!

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    Continuing the Pursuit of Liberty

    Organization: Liberty on the Rocks, Red Rocks Chapter
    Location/Meet up Point: 145 Union Blvd, Lakewood, CO
    Type of Organization: Advocacy, Citizen's Advocacy
    Concern: Citizen Empowerment, National & Local Issues

    The Organization

    Liberty on the Rocks likes to call itself an organization born out of 'Tavern Style Politics' in the Tradition of the Founding Fathers. Taking both humour and reality of the way the Founding Fathers socialised and lived their political, social and intellectual lives, this particular Chapter from Colorado is a grassroots group and meets at a Tavern in Lakewood at specific dates of every month to talk politics, to participate in the discussions, to debate, to convey their viewpoints and from there form their own agreed upon action as a group with regards to a particular issue or social/public problem. In terms of management, the group has its own hierarchy, elected as well as voluntary in the tradition of 'Tavern' politics. Tasks are divided upon key group divisions and group leaders are tasked at both leadership, management and organizing functions. The group has taken advantage of the internet and digital social networks with the group being active in Facebook to promote their views and advocacy and let their members know updates about events and issues constantly, 24-7 via the digital medium. They have also use the internet to recruit members and voice out their opinions for they host a public and open discussion social ...

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    A group is identified and their organizational activities and philosophy reviewed in relation to their patriotic activities geared towards the values held by the American Founding fathers, particularly Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. The essay provides a comprehensive 'getting to know' picture of the organization in a 1,080-word essay that also reflects on the future impact of their activities.