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    Latin American Philosophy

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    Details - Address the following questions with your classmates:
    What are some of the philosophies that influenced Latin America? In what way did they impact the cultures of Latin America?
    What contributions to society did folk and elite caudillos bring to Latin American society?
    What impact did the encroachment of Europeans have upon the New World?

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    Philosophy of Latin America
    1500-1600 Indigenous philosophy-Aztecs, Incas, Native-American
    1600-1700 Catholic traditional philosophy-Aristotlean philosophy.
    Jesuit philosophy-break with traditional philosophy
    Defense against Protestantism
    Antonio Rubio's ( 1548 - 1615 ) Logica mexicana was a advanced logical
    study of Aristotelean logic.

    Juana Inés de la Cruz had a brilliant philosophical mind and is usually considered one of
    the earliest feminist thinkers in South America
    1700-1800 Political philosophy-autonomy, political freedom,
    1880 Positivism believed in the materialistic universe runned by natural laws and principles.
    Auguste Comte and Herbert Spencer created the positive philosophy based on
    Scientific thought. It was used for political and economic reform.
    Andres Alberdi argued for the development of a philosophy adequate to the social
    and economic needs of Latin America,
    Andres Bello attempted to reduce metaphysics to psychology.
    Enrique José Varona ( 1849 - 1933 )
    Argentinian José Ingenieros ( 1877 - 1925 ). made some room for metaphysics
    in his philosophy, claiming that it is concerned with what is 'yet-to-be-experienced'.

    1900-1930 Existentialist thought and anti-positive thought-idealism, vitalism,
    José Ortega y Gasset(1883-1945) was a Spanish philosopher who believed that
    One's perspective is important and that one's circumstances ...

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