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    Issues in the History of Georgia

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    Secession Debated is a collection of first-hand accounts of speeches made in Georgia on the eve of secession. Based on the arguments contained in four of these speeches (2 for and 2 against) along with Governor Brown's message, I am looking for detailed answers to the following questions:

    1) What is the occasion for these speeches? When and where do they occur? (Read introduction.)
    2) What is the difference between the â??cooperationistâ? position and the â??immediate secessionistâ? position? Who among your selections fit into these categories? Why?
    3) What justifications are given for immediate secession among your selections? Specifically, what specific grievances do they express for supporting Georgiaâ??s immediate withdrawal from the Union? What are their constitutional arguments for secession? What are their expectations for Georgia after secession?
    4) What justifications are given for not seceding immediately? Among your selections, does anyone argue that secession is not a constitutional right? If so, who? What alternatives do they offer instead of immediate secession?
    5) Which argument is the most compelling? Why?

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    This is a fascinating historical subject concerning the arguments of states' rights during an inevitable time of change, which was ironically mirrored one hundred years later during the civil rights movement and segregation. The argument of the southern states was for the protection of a very profitable institution that was undoubtedly immoral. The utilization of slaves and the way in which slavery was practiced in America was in total contradiction of the platform in which this country was founded on regardless if the enslaved at that time were considered citizens or not. The African presence in America due to the institution of slavery was going to garner a significant amount of resentment which would poison the atmosphere and governing of the Union. This was the foresight of the abolitionists of that time. The argument of the northern states was to dissolve this institution of slavery for the sake of morality and industrialization.
    These heated issues came to a head after the election of Abraham Lincoln a northerner that leaned towards abolition. His presidency and ethics was a threat to the robust business of southerners. With this threat, they began to have debates and discussions concerning their position in the Union and further began to explore the possibility of secession.

    1.) The purpose of the Georgia succession debates was to discuss the state of Georgia's participation in the forming of the Confederacy. These debates were held in 1860 in Milledgeville, Georgia, the then capital of the state.

    2.) Cooperationists were a collection of former members of the Whig party and conservative ...

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