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    International Involvement

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    Summary of Americaâ??s involvement in international affairs in the late 19th century. Based on the attached articles. Please make sure to address the following items in the summary:

    o Provide examples of American involvement in international affairs from your selected articles.
    o Describe the extent to which Americaâ??s involvement in international affairs affected global politics.

    â?¢ Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

    SEE attached ARTICLES

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    Okay, here is a basic summary of the articles:

    1. Article Two (first one listed): The article discusses Cuba's history, concentrating on its quest for independence. In 1868, Cuba tried, unsuccessfully, to wrest independence from Spanish rule, in the Ten Year's War. The United States refused to intervene, deeming the entire situation a Spanish problem. In layman's terms, this is a "not my place" reaction. In spite of the lack of American military action, the American public sympathized with Cuba's cause, which eventually translated into military action. Cuba received aid in the forms of arms, and mercenaries, known as filibusters. The Spanish eventually captured a former Confederate blockade runner, the Virginius, and the crew and passengers were convicted in a Spanish court martial of piracy and sentenced to death. 53 were eventually executed. In reaction, President Grant demanded that the general in charge, Juan Burriel, be punished, that Spain pay an indemnity, and return the survivors and the ship to the U.S. One day after the deadline, the Spanish complied, and eventually punished Burriel four years after the fact, after he had already died. This situation helped foster anti-Spanish sentiment in the U.S. The Ten Year's war ended in 1878.

    A new rebellion began in 1895. In ...

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