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Indianapolis Political Parties

Research the issue of the role of political parties in Indianapolis, Indiana: What parties other than Democrat and Republican parties exist in your Indiana? Have these parties had any success in obtaining office or influencing policy in Indiana? Are there politicians in Indiana who have gained office as Independent candidates? What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a 2-party system?

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American Politics and the 2 Party System

The U.S. is a federal Republic which means that the national government, created by the States that are valid and equal members of the Union is put in charge of the entire nation headed by a duly elected President (who heads the Executive Branch) empowered by the national Constitution. The Legislative (Congress) and the Judiciary branches of government share federal powers but the national government shares sovereignty with each member state with the Member States having their own judicial and legislative bodies at the state level administering the affairs of the State being headed by a governor. In the (Federal) national Congress (The Senate & the House of Representatives) each state have a set of representatives with the number dependent on a slew of factors (primarily population size). A state as an entity is divided into counties with several townships. Cities are their own 'county' so to speak but in a metropolis (a large city like NY); the city itself is divided into boroughs or counties. Townships and cities fall under the management of a local government. In the U.S. there are altogether 87,000 local governments, 3,034 counties and 16,500 townships. Members of the U.S. House of Representatives (lower house) each represent a district. The US has currently 435 with each seat representing about 600,000 citizens. The upper house or the U.S. Senate is less numerous as each state is designated only 2 Senators to the House regardless of population. The U.S. has a two-party system where 2 major parties dominate voting in nearly all elections being a 'first past the post' where majority rules. As a direct result just about all the candidates in the elections are from either parties. The U.S. Democratic Party and the US Republican Party are the 2 dominant parties in U.S. politics with both starried traditions and long histories from the days of the Founding fathers. The power, wealth and influence of the 'Democrats' and the 'Republicans' have ensured that the two parties dominate the ...

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The solution provides a local picture of Indianapolis politics in terms of contesting political parties - aside from the Democrats and the Republicans, what other political parties participate in Indianapolis? What are they about? What are their political and social platforms? These and a look at the 2-party system of the US is discussed in this solution. A word version is attached for easy printing. The solution follows the APA-format; references are provided.