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    Aboriginal women of Austrailia

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    Did Colonization empower Aboriginal women? Explain your answer.

    Am looking for assistance with mainly how to write this one...

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    First of all, as you explore the effects of European colonization upon Australian Aboriginal women, I do not see the ramifications as empowering; instead, I concur that "the effects of colonization upon Aboriginal women in Australia were subjugating in terms of socially, medically, politically, emotionally, and sexually." Most historians and scholars label the effects upon women as devastating.

    Once you formulate your own opinion, please add a strong attention getter to lure the reader with your introduction and then articulate your thesis statement. Please note how my sample thesis above in quotes is multifaceted enough to allow for each subsequent paragraph to follow based on the inherent subparts. Do you see what I mean? Please structure yours accordingly.

    First, you might add that social status was significantly impacted after colonization. Historians argue that "Before the influx of Europeans to Australia, the average aboriginal woman had not experienced the oppression that she has since colonization. She shared a relatively equal position of power with men within her clan. Some have argued that her position within the clan was higher than that of males. Women were responsible for not only childbirth and rearing but also food gathering and other domestic responsibilities. These contributions made them indispensable to their men folk (http://www.ndsu.edu/instruct/isern/381/weblog/2006/05/rr-oppression-of-aboriginal-woman.html).

    In terms of social and medical ...

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    Effects of Aboriginal women of Austrailia from colonization are researched.