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How did Walt Disney change US History?

I am working on a project for US History and my question is:

How did the Walt Disney empire change US History?

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How did the Walt Disney empire change US History?

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Perhaps Disney reinforced certain social values and beliefs as opposed to actually changing US History. For example one of the founding principles upon which the American myth is built is that of rugged individualism. This emphasizes the individual being valued for who he/she is rather than the family that they came from or their last name. America consistently cheers for the underdog and values the rights of the individual. Disney's cartoons seemed to follow this pattern. Snow White, Dumbo, Pinnochio, Sleeping Beauty and many others consistently reinforce the message that circumstances do not need to be accepted. We do not need to accept our fate stoically. We can fashion our own destiny.

There are aspects of pop culture of course that Disney ...

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This solution examines the life and impact of Walt Disney on US History. The effect of his entertainment empire is examined as well as his personal views on politics and political matters. Approximately 650 words of original text along with links to important websites for further research.