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    10. How did Hitler and Nazism take hold in Germany? Why was Hitler so popular with the masses?

    11. What does the Term Cold War refer to? How did it come about after World War 2?

    12. Who was Nikita Khrushchev and what was his contribution to Western Civilization?

    13. What is NOW? What impact did NOW have on women and why?

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    10. How did Hitler and Nazism take hold in Germany?
    Through totalitarianism, where power becomes terror. Law becomes ideology. Humans, except special sects and totalitarianism leaders, are worthless. "Linked together the dictatorships of the left and right during the first half of the twentieth century, the notion of fascism set them apart" (Cambridge University Press n.d.). Hitler worked his way to the top through his association with the German Workers Party, a party which he became a member in 1919. He was feared and admired by many. During Hitler's rule, Germans lived well but the majority of Europe did not.

    Why was Hitler so popular with the masses?
    Hitler promised that the German race would no longer suffer, as many were poor prior to his taking office. His dream of National Socialism, or the Master Race, was a driving force for his popularity. Hitler's dream was to keep Germany the master race. "In National Socialism purity of blood speaks louder than reason, and race is the center of all human history" (Bshara n.d.).

    "Hitler professed an absolute devotion to the ideas he espoused and claimed that the implementation of his ...

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    The solution discusses how Hitler and Nazism take hold in Germany and why Hitler was so popular with the masses.