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History & Literature: Exploring the Relationship

Provide a brief summary of the relationship between history and literature by answering the following questions. What is the relationship between history and literature? Is one subordinate to the other? What can we learn, for example, (be specific)? Does knowledge of history make a story more powerful, more "real?" Does history create literature and, in turn, literature create history?

Solution Summary

The solution provides an expansive and comprehensive discussion and narrative discussing the inter-relation of history and literature as academic disciplines that are influence, derive from and at times have created a 'depency' on each other. The relationship between said disciplines are explored and the discussion illustrates by using the work of Historians like Anthony Beevor and ancient classical accounts by Thucydides and Herodotus and literary work of writers Charles Dickens, Promoedya Ananta Toer and Jose Rizal. The role that each discipline takes on as 'text-source' for each other is also explained. History and literature's role and sociological research is also touched. Web-sources for expansion are provided.