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    Factors to Waned Russian Control of the Eastern Bloc

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    Can you help me understand the factors that played a significant role collapse Russian control Eastern Europe?
    I an wondering about the role of the role of the Soviet Union. Was there a major reason those in the Soviet Union wanted and receive independence?

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    It was inevitable that the Soviet Union, as structured, would collapse from within. Had it not been Mikhail Gorbachev, it would likely have been someone else. Remember first that Gorbachev did not rise to his position by being a liberal, anti-communist - he rose from within the system and from youth was a fervent supporter of Soviet Policy. Therefore it is unlikely that the United States would remain fighting the Cold War due to a number of complex events that occurred within the policy of the USSR as well as the United States and western world. Because the Soviet Union used Eastern Europe as its personal client states, though, the resources used to keep control became in excess of those it collected. Some of the events to consider that contributed to the demise of the USSR, for instance:

    ? Increased U.S. Military Spending - During the Reagan years, the United States continued to push military spending; including the infamous Star Wars program, which some believe was put into place to push the USSR into continued military spending knowing that would contribute to their economic demise.

    ? Reduction of GNP in Soviet Economy - Socialism and its inefficiencies over ...

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    The solution comprehensively explains the varied factors that led to the collapse of former USSR's control over much of Eastern Europe. The solution goes into the status of the varied states under Russian control and the events that led to their independence. references are supplied.