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Environmental Issues: How do perspectives develop?

Choose and discuss how three factors from the list below can affect a person's perspectives on environmental issues. 250 words Minimum

1. Upbringing
2. Education or experience
3. Personal ethics
4. Employment, job duties, roles.
5. Direct involvement in environmental issues

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***Additional Comment: I believe you meant that a person's major can be a moot point. You may be correct about that point; honestly, it depends on the person. Sometimes once a person chooses a major, the coursework they take makes them more aware of environmental impacts. Sometimes it makes them more likely to side with business interests. Some urban poor do develop gardens and become concerned about environmental issues; most do not. I actually agree with you about those with deep connections to the soil, such as sharecroppers. However, many of them use dangerous chemicals during fertilization and soil development, and they cherish their incomes over the damage or help that they do to the earth (not that I can blame them). Honestly, the questions that you asked were about HOW a person's perspective COULD be affected by these things. I gave you some ways that they COULD, not every point that could possibly exist. Your points are definitely valid, too, since every person is different. Discussing trends is always a slippery slope of generalization; we are never entirely right. :) I hope this additional clarification was helpful. ****

A person's upbringing is crucial to their acceptance of environmental issues. For example, if your parents encouraged frugality and discouraged waste, you would probably ...

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This is an explanation of how life experiences can impact opinions on environmental issues.