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    "England's Cotton" Cartoon Reflection

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    Resource: Supplemental Image of British Political Cartoon's "England's Cotton", November 16, 1861 on your student Web page

    · Write a 200- to 300-word response to the cartoon answering the following questions:

    o How does this cartoon demonstrate the effect of the Civil War on other nations?

    o How does this cartoon illustrate the way the Civil War shaped domestic economic change?

    o Besides the effects on the cotton industry, what other political, social, and economic changes occurred because of the Civil War?

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    England's Cotton Cartoon: 11.16.1861

    In 1861, the South had increasingly felt the notion of an 'independent nation', one to secede from the union primarily because of their economic prosperity in relation to their cotton exports that fed the textile Mills in England and France and also because of the increasingly dividing and conflicting views they held against Northern States in relation to slavery. The cotton plantations in the South - Virginia, Georgia - for example, were dependent upon slave labour to support the massive manpower necessary to operate the cotton plantations. But by the time November 16 came around, the American Civil War had been ongoing for almost 7 months. The plan of secession by the Confederate States due to factors including conflict in perspectives on slavery, sectionalism, tariffs and political quarrels with ...

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    The relevance of the British political cartoon "England's Cotton" printed in November 16, 1861 by Harper News is studied and discussed in relation to its relevance in representing the social, political and economic concerns during the Civil War to the US, the British and other nations. A list of online links to the cartoon and other cartoons related to it is also included.