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    Early U.S. Imperialsm

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    Discuss American Imperialism in the Nineteenth Century. Why was this policy adopted? How was it rationalized? Discuss the major events of this time. What countries of the world did the United States become involved in due to this policy? While Imperialism was popular, not everyone agreed with it.
    Read about the American Anti-Imperialist League at http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/mod/1899antiimp.html.
    What was their view of Imperialism? Discuss the outcome of this foreign policy going into the Twentieth Century.

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    The first thing you have to remember about the U.S. in the nineteenth century is that they fought the bloodiest battle in their history in the Civil War, where Americans were fighting Americans. After the Civil War was over the United States went through a major period of reconstruction.

    In the last half of the nineteenth century, the United States faced the reality of world imperialism. The European countries had been colonizing Africa and the Middle East. Spain, Portugal and France had colonies in the western hemisphere. The U.S. took thier idea of ...

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    This is a breakdown of the beginnings of U.S. imperialism in the 19th century. It discusses the reasons for U.S. imperialism and the attitides toward it on the homefront.