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Discussing the Impact of Theodore Roosevelt on America

American history includes the presidency of some very influential individuals. Consider the period from that of Andrew Johnson to George W. Bush. In this period, 26 men served as president. In 500-600 words, which president do you think left the boldest mark on American History? Why? Present the events that serve as a hallmark to his career and a clear explanation of not only the events but also their impact upon the course of American history

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The President who had the greatest impact on the course of American history would undoubtedly be Theodore Roosevelt. The reason Roosevelt had the greatest impact was because he believed in "militant decency" at a time when decency and righteousness were mitigated and ignored for financial profit and industrial growth. The following is a statement from a friend of Theodore Roosevelt and the concept of militant decency.

"If I wished to accomplish anything for the country," observed Theodore Roosevelt looking back on his career, "my business was to combine decency and efficiency; to be a thoroughly practical man of high ideals who did his best to reduce those ideals to actual practice." Roosevelt always perceived himself to be a lay preacher, as did those to whom he spoke. Once asked by students .at Cambridge University to refrain from preaching to them, Roosevelt replied, "I will promise to preach as little as I can, but you must take your chances, for it is impossible to break the habit of a lifetime at ...