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    Did World War II seem inevitable?

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    Did World War 2 seem inevitable, as some historians have argued?

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    1. Did World War II seem inevitable, as some historians have argued?

    The conditions of the Versailles Treaty to end World War I was written in a way that provoked resentments and anger in the German people. In this sense WWII was inevitable, as it set the stage for the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazis who promised positive changes for the German people. Although Wilson promised a positive and fair 'peace treaty', The French and British wrote it in a repressive manner, each having different goals as mentioned below.

    In January 1918, for example, President Wilson issued the basis for peace with his Fourteen Points, calling for democracy, free trade, and establishment of League of Nations, which were to be included in the treaty to end the war. It was under these beliefs that the Germans agreed to sign the Versailles treaty and end the war. War ends with signing of armistice on November 11, 1918; war costs over 110,000 American lives; total military deaths on both sides estimated at 8.5 million; civilian deaths estimated at 13 million, Unfortunately for the German people, although the Treaty of Versailles does establish League of Nations it ignores most other Fourteen Points ...

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