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    Clash of Traditional and Modern Cultures

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    What does the impact of modernity mean to traditional cultures of the Afro-Asian-Indian world? What was the general reaction of the native populations? Why was the West so successful imposing its will on these areas of the world? Do we see examples of this in contemporary times?

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    Modernization & Impact on Native Cultures

    What is modern? Modern simply refers to the 'now' and the current state of things - the present state of development of man and society. For Emile Durkheim modernization is about the taste of things in our present urbanized, industrialized and technological society where social structures have come to be seen and organized according to the nature and principles of function, industrialization and the sciences. Modernization is defined as much as what it is by what it isn't - modern thinking isn't rooted on medieval and irrational thinking, it is not dependent on faith or the divine circuit of knowledge. What it is dependent upon a rational construct and these shows in modern academic pursuits, organizational systems and hierarchy as well as in cultural trends and practices. Our period for example sees democracy and equality as the right way because of reason and moral logic. Pre-modern thinking sees monorchy and the Divine rights of kings & monarchs as the right way to order society - at least from a Medieval and renaissance European viewpoint. There is an argument, however among anthropologists and social scientists that the concept of modernization and development are rooted only in Western culture. The progress of man due to science is only true in a Western sense where to 'modernize' and to let go of old practices replacing them with ways and systems of doing things better and more efficient equates to the effort of modernizing. Take for example the current digital revolution.

    Moving from analog telecommunications to digital is progress and modernization from ...

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