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This site contains links to hundreds of images of maps from virtually all eras. Spend some time reviewing some of the links on the site. Try to find examples of maps from ancient times, medieval Europe, the Renaissance, and early American colonization. Based on your findings, discuss how the science of map making has changed and how human perception of the earth has changed.

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Maps represent a major and significant development of human beings and serves as a record of knowledge and human advancement. They affirm our collective existence, and provide us with an understanding on places we have never been to. In the 21st century maps are very important because we are now witnessing significant Earth changes in comparison to objects, land masses, etc. that were mapped less than fifty years ago.

The art and science of developing maps is called cartography. With the various advances in techonology, map making has had its evolution. Initially maps were manually manufactured and used brushes and parchment to depict pictures ...

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