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Candidates and Issues in the Election of 1912

Go to www.claremont.org/writings/crb/winter2002/milkis1912.html. Read about the candidates and the issues in this 4-way race for president. Based upon your text and the recommended website, what issues did each candidate espouse? What does the outcome tell us about the way Americans of the time felt about Progressive reform movements?

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The 1912 Elections

The Presidential elections of 1912 saw 4 candidates vying for the seat. William Howard Taft (Republican), who was the incumbent president, Eugene Debs (Socialist Party), Indiana labour leader, Theodore Roosevelt (Progressive Party) and Woodrow Wilson (Democratic Party) then governor of New Jersey who won the contest. Taft, Wilson and Roosevelt are seen to this day as political heavyweights as all 3 became American Presidents (Roosevelt was the 26th who had the office before Taft who lost out to Wilson. Roosevelt who was a popular leader refused to seek election after serving 2 terms and ...

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The solution looks at the 4-way election of 1912, a contest between Taft, Debs, Roosevelt and Wilson. The issues in the contest, the positions they held and the then current public perception of progress is discussed. references are listed for further studies. a word versions attached for easy prinitng.