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    Business Research (Theory and Application)

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    **What is the definition of theory in business research, please use external sources to answer this question if possible (APA Style)

    **Why is the problem definition stage probably the most important stage in the research process? Use external sources (APA style)

    **What are some examples of business research in your particular field of interest?

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    The definition of theory in business research should be predicated upon basic principles from which to develop positive management style and techniques. The heart of any business is its management model and therefore, the business theory remains central to organizational development, and to improving organizational culture. The quintessential business theory model is Douglas McGregor's his famous X-Y theory. This business theory posits that there are two fundamental approaches to managing people. The first theory is theory x (authoritarian management style) and the second theory is theory y (participative management style). Authoritarian management theorists and business practitioners believe most people dislike work and therefore, to prevent them from avoiding doing their job people must be forced with the threat of punishment to work towards ...

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    Discusses the theory and application of business research.