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What are the biggest challenges facing Third World nations?

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What are the most important challenges facing Third World states? How do states try to meet these challenges? The term "thrid world" began to be used regularly during the Cold War era. The first nations were considered to be the USA and her allies, the second nations were the Soviet Union and her allies and the third world was everyone else. This essay looks at the major challenges facing third world nations after the Cold War and how they have attempted to overcome these challenges.

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The Third World typically is used to define nations that were not aligned with either of the two major superpowers during the Cold War. The Third World inspired the creation of NAM the "non-aligned movement". The five basic principles on which NAM were founded were: peace and disarmament, self-determination, economic equality, cultural equality and multilateralism. In order to achieve these goals the Third World nations have typically shown strong support for the United Nations.

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