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    Arizona: structure of government & office of the governor

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    What do you think is the most important difference between the structure of the Arizona government and the federal government?

    Select one of the executive officers in the state of Arizona and describe that position's roles and responsibilities. Then compare and contrast those responsibilities to the same executive officer in the federal government. In which state does the position have more power?

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    Arizona Constitution vs. Federal Constitution

    The Constitution of the State of Arizona is a state constitution, meaning, its power and scope is limited within the territory and area of power and control of the state. The Federal Constitution of course is the Supreme Constitution of the American nation and its power and scope covers the US and all it's territories. The US Constitution when compared to state Constitutions is far shorter. This is because State Constitutions are far more detailed for they cover a host of issues and concerns that the state finds relevant and essential for inclusion according to the needs and concerns of their people. Hence, Arizona's constitution will be different from that of say, Hawaii (i.e. Arizona's Constitution includes statues pertaining to government of militia, a concern no shared by Hawaii). State Constitutions are typically longer ...

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    2. The roles and responsibilities of the office of the Governor of Arizona vs. that of the Pres. of the US

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