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Herodotus: Life and Work

1-it should be only one page and comprised of two paragraphs. The first paragraph should be brief, no more than one fourth to one third of the page. It should quickly summarize the reading in a sentence or two and then present a short thesis statement which indicates what we are going to argue. In the second paragraph we should assess the reading critically.
2-Problems to avoid: Do not summarize the reading because that is not analysis. Avoid giving unsubstantiated personal opinions. An analysis requires a disciplined treatment of the evidence so that we can arrive at some understanding of the past; personal reactions refer to one's own personal assumptions and only tell us about ourselves, rather than the past. This is what historians call anachronism: the retrospective application of our values to the past.


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The solution, attached as a 1,583-word essay discusses the philosophy, works and life of ancient Greek Historian Herodotus. The solution follows the APA format and lists references, both web and print for expansion.