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    American Immigrant Experiences: Germans and Italians

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    Compare and contrast the experiences of at least two immigrant groups to the US (not including Native and African-Americans) before 1924. What brought them to the United States? What happened to them after they got here? What institutions, if any, did they form?

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    Depending on the time period and port of entry, immigrants to the United States had a variety of experiences. Country of origin did not necessarily dictate conditions of life in America. As an example, Germans who arrived in the early 18th century and settled as farmers had a vastly different experience than those who arrived in the 19th century to work in the cities.

    German immigration to the United States was not concentrated in a specific era of American history, and has included both willing immigrants and refugees. Germans featured prominently in settling colonial Pennsylvania, immigrated in large numbers to eastern American cities in the nineteenth century, and came as refugees after the Second World War. Germans of different religious backgrounds (Catholic, Protestant, Jewish) and from various regions of Germany have moved to the United States seeking religious freedom, land and employment. Their experiences upon arrival, have therefore differed. Early colonial immigrants were ...

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    This solution compares the experiences of German and Italian immigrants to the United States prior to the First World War. It examines motivation for immigration, experiences in the United States, and later contributions to their adopted country.

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