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    Anaconda Plan

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    What was the "Anaconda" plan and was it an effective or ineffective strategy? Provide details to support your response, including highlighting some of the key historical figures related to this military event.

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    The Confederacy had a history of military service among most of its male population and arguably had the best military leaders with the likes of Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee and Joseph Johnston when the war began.
    The Confederacy also had the strength of conviction and the defensive advantage since they would be defending their own soil for much of the war.

    The one glaring problem the Confederacy faced was ...

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    This 335 word solution provides a review of the efficacy of the Anaconda Plan, utilized by The Union, in the American Civil War, against the Southern Confederacy. It highlights how this nationwide siege, which cut of industrial resources to the South, played a central role in the North winning the war.