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The Dot-com boom and bust, and the economics of the Internet

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Examine the impact of the Internet on different aspects of America, including examples or quotes from each of the three sources you located. Address the following:a) How the Internet has changed social activities and created new cultural norms b) The Internet's impact on the political process and information transparency c) The Dot-com boom and bust, and the economics of the Internet.

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The Internet's impact on the political process and information transparency is assessed.

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This is a very broad topic and you can focus on particular issues or just a general overview. What this solution does is provide a general overview which should get you going in the current debates on the topic. You can also use the listed references for further exploration. Good luck.

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Impact of the Internet

To measure the impact of the Internet to American society is a tall task as the topic is broad and wide-ranging. We can go the general overview route or focus on particular topics. For this discussion, I have decided to identify 3 points of concern: socio-cultural activities impact, political information and transparency and the economics of the internet. These 3 are the headings of current concerns but are on their vast topics of research. America, it can be said, ranks 28th in terms of internet connectivity as a nation in the world. The predecessor of the internet is the ARPANET, a network communication system developed by DARPA, the US military's defense arm. Concurrently, the internet is a complex and vast connection of worldwide interconnected communication networks via wired and wireless systems. While in the 90's the internet as a new technology was slow and expensive, dependent mainly on dial-up connectivity. In 2 decades, this has evolved rapidly, over boom and bust cycles of online businesses. One thing remained throughout the experience - the internet as a means of real-time conversation did not limit participants according to geographic, social and national borders. From the late 90's what began as a novel technology churned out an entirely new culture and way of life and created massive multinationals now bridging peoples around the world (Google, Skype, Facebook, and Twitter). New terminologies, new slang and a way of doing things surfaced from keeping social functions to doing business as well as policing. While only more than a 3rd of America is online, that still equates to hundreds of millions ...

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