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    history of Pablo Picasso

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    Please offer assistance with the brief history of Pablo Picasso, his birth place, and why he is note-worthy. I need to explain why he is famous, as well as how he became famous for his art work.

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    First off, as you start your essay about the history of Pablo Picasso, his birth place, and why he is note-worthy, you need to hook or lure the reader with a great attention getter within your introduction. Thus, you might describe one of his pieces, refer to "Starry Night" the painting or song, or paint a picture as if you are in the Louvre or another famous museum gazing upon one of his masterpieces. After the attention getter, you will need to state your thesis to the paper to map out the "game plan" of what your essay is about. A sample thesis might be: "This essay summarizes the brilliant life of Pablo Picasso and how he revolutionized the art world with his unique styles and themes."

    You then need to add a smooth transition to your next paragraph. Something like: "First of all, it is important to offer a brief overview of Picasso's life." Born in Malaga, Spain, in 1881, Picasso studied art briefly in Madrid in 1897, ...

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    The history of Pablo Picasso is briefly contextualized using resources.