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    Key Trends in World History from the 1500's 1800's

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    A detailed yet concise discussion of the Major Trends that occurred during the 1500's to the 1800's.

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    The 1500's-1800's time period is considered as The Early Modern Period in World History.

    This period saw major changes in the way society communicated & dealt with each other, in the earlier part of the period, Feudal systems in Europe gave way to guilds, the powerful princedoms & kingdoms consolidated their resources and resorted to Empire building. The European Kingdoms of Portugal & Spain were most active in 'discovering' what to the then Europeans were parts of the world unknown. At the end of the Middle Ages scholars have come to prove the spherical aspect of the Globe and Europe's most powerful Empires, heavily influenced by the Christian church sent off their navy circumnavigating the world. Their mariners found lands rich in natural wealth and so colonialization began. Soon after as power in Europe shifted, the newly powerful kingdoms and guilds of traders came to join the fray creating wealth and new routes to power. Cultures met and clashed and some of the independent kingdoms and nations the Western Empires sought to colonize fell under their dominion. As western nations & kingdoms worked at keeping & exploiting their newly acquired territories the fires of Industrialization were kept ablaze by scientific innovation. Development in social trading systems, in the Sciences, in Polical-religious systems was at its height. Soon the steam Engine sped up trade networks & a Capitalist Economy became the ticket to power. Globalisation then began.

    Take note, however, that while European Kingdoms & Nations in this period were heavily engaged in Empire building, key events are also unfolding around the Globe. I have attached a Timeline image that puts all these events in a geographic & chronological detail to help you put things in perspective. Please take note of the References that I have written down below as well. These are valuable resources that will give you guidance & information to get into the macro & micro events of the Early Modern Period. I took care to give you web-based sources only so that you can easily access them while going through this solution without having to run to the library. It would also help if you had your text book as well as an encyclopaedia. Use the index to look for the heading: World History - Early Modern Period. Also, to help put things in perspective, I am giving you the following Key Terms that I believe you need to remember to better ...

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    This solution puts together Key Trends in world history from the 1500's to the 1800's detailing their significance to the society that emerged and relating them to the developments that they put in effect. The author of the solution aimed to create a concise set of information by defining key movements from a social-historical perspective. Attached with the solution is a timeline that the student can use to ground the information given as well as references use for the solution so that the student can futher expand historical research should the need arise.