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Approach to writing a short Cause-and-Effect essay

What event or events do you think is the most significant in the short history of the internet and Why?

Please visit the following websites to access the history of the internet for this question:


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There are two words in this question that tell you what you need to focus on in your response: most significant. Using the information on the two web sites as well as additional sources for reference material, choose one clearly defined element of the invention and development of the internet that has had the most impact on human culture. For example, while looking at the timeline and history of the internet, you may notice that there are many references to the internet's role as a global postal service (i.e. email). Instant communication has changed the way people relate to each other, just ...

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Explanation of the steps to take when writing a brief essay using the cause-and-effect writing style. In this example, the student was asked to answer a question about an event(s) that was/were significant in influencing human culture.