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    Weight Management

    Weight management is the long term management of one’s weight by embracing healthy eating habits and regular exercise. It does not include quick and temporary weight loss from fad diets.

    Weight management is the balance of eating healthy (energy intake) and physical exercise (energy expenditure), which is accomplished through many different techniques. Making appropriate food choices, is of upmost importance. Having a higher intake of fruits and vegetables than foods like pasta and breads, is one example. Consuming a small amount of food that makes you feel full (like a bowl of soup) prior to a meal can help limit your calorie intake. Even simple techniques, like using a smaller plate, can help manage one’s weight.

    Almost any type of physical exercise can help a person manage weight. The consistency and the intensity of the workout is really what matters. In weight training, for example, the intensity of the workout is far more important than the duration. A quick workout with heavy weights and full effort will prove far more effective than a several hour workout. Even a simple exercise like walking, can be effective in weight management as long as there is consistency. Walking every day will make a bigger difference in weight management than jogging every so often.



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