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    TQM Performance Measurement: Benchmarking

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    Use the article below to answer the following question.

    Van Schalkwyk, J. C. (1998) 'Techniques: total quality management and the performance measurement barrier', The TQM Magazine, 10 (2), pp. 124-131.

    What value does benchmarking have as an element in TQM performance measurement? How would you go about benchmarking quality in your own industry or an industry you know well?.(Attached).

    I am looking for 550-750 words to help me get started on this question. I would also like three academic sources.

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    Benchmarking has value as an element of total quality management performance measurement in that it helps companies look beyond their internal data and compare their performance to the outcomes in the larger world. The article suggests it is "useful to benchmark across industries" (Van Schalkwyk, 1998) as a way to "ensure the appropriateness of internal standards and to vitalizes the continuous improvement process" (Van Schalkwyk, 1998). In addition, benchmarking "plays a significant role in the development of organizations" (Saijad & Amiad, 2012) by helping organizations understand how and what other organizations are doing. This process serves as a lesson for organizations to help them improve their quality and general practices. Joseph Juran sums up the practice of benchmarking with the question, "What is it that organizations do that gets results so much better than ours?" (Chilies & Choi, 2000). The benchmarking concept focuses on the key processes that enable other companies to have superiority. Through the use of benchmarking, organizations are better able to develop superior performance.

    Benchmarking can be applied at the internal level (how long does it take to produce a certain item?), at the industry level (how is the organization doing compared to its competitors?) or to the best in the class (how does the organization's ...

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    This solution discusses the value benchmarking has as an element in TQM performance measurement and also discusses how to benchmark quality in an industry. Includes APA references.